Holistic Wellness for Women

About RileyRocks


My name is Cory Gunn and I’m a 31 year old mother of two, and just finished my second surrogacy journey as a gestational carrier for another family!

I’m also a Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Practitioner. I started RileyRocks in 2012, to share my love of crystals and pendulums with the world – today I still offer wire-wrapped pendulums, pendants, holistic crystal wellness kits and chakra crystal kits through my RileyRocks Etsy Shop. But last year, I took RileyRocks a step further, after integrating essential oils into my holistic wellness practice.

Last April, I joined an amazing doTERRA team of Holistic Healers and Teachers called Blossoms United. This team is unlike any other doTERRA team out there in that the focus is empowering sparkly souls to take charge of their own self-healing journey by providing tools and education.

My own personal team, Birth Warriors, focuses on holistic wellness and support for mothers before, during and after birth.

If you’re interested in joining The Birth Warriors Tribe, please head on over HERE to learn more. ❤

I’m so very excited to start this next chapter for RileyRocks, Birth Warriors and myself. New things are on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them with you! If you take anything from my site, I hope it’s the belief that anything is possible.

Thank you for finding me. ❤

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH



RileyRocks is named after my personal hero – the lovely little girl who made me a mom. ❤