One of my absolute favorite metaphysical tools is a pendulum – however, there’s not a lot of hype out there about this little guy. So, what’s the deal? What is a pendulum and how does someone use it?

Quick definition: A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely.

Okay, great – but what does that mean??? Basically, a pendulum is any object that you have swinging from a cord or chain. If you were to purchase a standard pendulum at any metaphysical store, it’ll likely be a pointed crystal on a chain (see example below):


This is a basic Amethyst pendulum, but they can be more elaborate than this, and any crystal! You can wire-wrap a crystal and chain for a more customized look (like the ones I have in my Etsy shop HERE). OR, it could be even more basic – I’ve personally used a necklace I was wearing as a pendulum and have seen kids use buttons tied to the end of string!


Pendulums are extremely useful tools for divination – they can provide you yes/no answers for general questions, or more complex answers when used in conjunction with a pendulum or spirit board.

How does the pendulum do this? I believe that the pendulum connects us to our Spirit Guides or Higher Consciousness to provide us with the answers we need (not necessarily the answers we want). I have several pendulums that I use for different purposes, but one of the main purposes is divination.

Other uses for a pendulum are:

  • Dowsing / Scrying for Lost Objects
  • Chakra Assessment & Balancing
  • Clearing Energy from Crystals, Tarot/Oracle Decks, or other Holistic Tools
  • Help choose a Holistic Tool for use
  • Ritual Magick, such as charging a Spell Candle or Casting a Circle

Pendulums are extremely versatile and I highly recommend you experiment with them to see if you can come up with any other uses! ❤


After creating or choosing a pendulum, you want to get to know its personality before starting to work with it. The first set of questions you want to ask are ones that establish answers:

  1. Can you show me “Yes”?
  2. Can you show me “No”?
  3. Can you show me “I don’t know”?
  4. Can you show me “I can’t answer that right now”?

Based on how your pendulum swings, you have your movement for that particular answer. These are the 4 basic answers you’ll have, outside of using a pendulum board or spirit board.

Usually, my pendulums swing forward and back for “yes” and side-to-side for “no”. This does not mean that YOUR pendulum will answer the same way. Always check with your pendulum first before assuming an answer. 🙂


Again, one of the most common uses for a pendulum is divination. Setting up a regular practice will help establish a relationship with you and your pendulum.

First, you want to get in the right mindset. You can do this however is most comfortable for you (if you have an established practice for Tarot reading, you can just use that!) – you can do a grounding exercise, do a light meditation, cast a circle, smudge the room, or just light a few candles. As long as the exercise gets you in the right mindset to do a reading (i.e., calm and focused), then you’re all set!

Next, we want to make sure that the pendulum is ALSO in the right “mindset”. Seriously, these things have minds of their own! I always ask two questions before beginning a reading:

  1. Are you willing to work with me right now?
  2. Is there anything I need to know or do before we start?

I’ve had them say “no” to question #1 before! In that case, respect the pendulum’s wishes and move on to another tool or activity – you can always come back to it later. If the pendulum says “yes” to question #2, explore what it is you may need to delve into before you get started. Are you truly in the right mind-frame for the reading? Are you prepared to hear the answers? Always be sure that you’re ready to hear the messages you may receive. ❤

Once you AND your pendulum are ready to go – start your reading? I always recommend recording your questions and answers during each reading, so that you can refer back to them later.


One thing I want to stress, my lovelies – you may receive information or answers from a reading that turns out to be opposite what occurs or proves true. DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED. As with any divinatory tool, the tool provides us with only one possible path, based on what is happening now. If you’re asking questions about things six months down the line, things can certainly change as six months (or even one day) can provide opportunities for a change in course. Please remember that this is a tool to help us heighten our intuition – it is not a window into your “set-in-stone” future. 🙂


Those are the basics, lovely! Just remember to also have fun working with your pendulum. And the more you work with it, the more you’ll tune your new holistic tool to your energies.

I’m currently working on a Pendulums 101 course that will be open for enrollment this summer. I’m SO excited to share the world of the pendulum with you all – it is my favorite divination tool! Until then, I hope you enjoy this mini-basics outline! ❤

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH