Many of you who read my blog or follow my IG page may identify with the term “Indigo”. A while back, the term “Indigo Children” came about to describe an entire generation of souls with fiery spirits that many believe are here to break down “the system” and pave pathways to a more spiritual existence for humanity. I myself identify as an Indigo Child.

One of the newer generations to come about are Crystal Children. Where Indigos are spiritual warriors, Crystal Children are their open and loving counterparts. My two kiddos are Crystal Children and here are some tell-tale signs of their generation:

· Large & Inquisitive Eyes –All  children tend to have larger-looking eyes in general, but those of the Crystal Children are the first thing you notice. They have wide gazes that take in everything around them. Nothing seems to get past these little ones!

· Joyful and Accepting Demeanor – These kiddos love to hug and love on everyone! It doesn’t matter who you are – they care about you and your wellbeing. This isn’t to say that they don’t have their bad days or throw normal 3-year-old-who-hasn’t-had-a-nap tantrums, but they tend to be happier than most.

· Attraction to Crystals – Who doesn’t love crystals??? Well, these little ones not only love crystals but have a knack for working with them and instinctively know which crystals to use for mood balancing, focus, tranquility, etc. These kids are born Crystal Healers.

· Prismatic & Crystalline Aura Colors – Crystal Children get their name from having crystalline auras in a rainbow of pastel colors. They practically shine like crystals!

You may find that one or more of your children fall into the Crystal Children category. Whether they do or don’t, I find it’s important to understand my kiddos’ nature so I can help them grow. I struggled growing up because I was often mislabeled as “distracted” or “anti-social” because what worked for my parents’ generation didn’t work for me, and I rebelled. My greatest fear is that my kids will go through the same trials and that’s exactly what my generation is here to prevent. ❤

I’m not sure whether homeschooling my children is the best course of action, but it’s something I think about often. For now, I work with them at home on what they want to focus on – nurturing my daughter’s inclination towards art and fostering my son’s love of the outdoors. Both ADORE working with crystals and ask for me to balance their chakras at least once a week. Their crystal collections are starting to rival my own! 

If you’re raising a Crystal Child – consider it an honor! They chose you because you’ll give them the safe and loving environment they need to grow and be successful. ❤

Do you think you have a Crystal Child in your life? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH