Many of you may be familiar with Isis as the “Mother of Kings” – this Egyptian Goddess is one powerful momma! Her magic, along with her devotion to her family made her a great Matron Deity for women.

There are different versions of this story, but my favorite is this: the God Set became jealous of his brother, Osiris and ripped him to pieces, scattering pieces of his body across the Earth. The Goddess Isis, not about to let go of her husband, hunted down every piece of Osiris and reassembled his body. However, she was unable to find his penis. So, this crafty Goddess created a new one using magic! She was then able to conceive the beloved God Horus with her husband (Osiris became the God of death, life and resurrection from then on).

When I took my first surrogacy journey, it was the beautiful Goddess Isis that helped me through the IVF treatments. Having conceived a bit unconventionally herself, she was the perfect Deity to turn to for guidance and strength in this area.

To help you connect with Isis during your own fertility journey, there are several crystals you can work with: the Blood of Isis (high-quality Carnelian), Topaz and Chrysoprase.

Also, doTERRA’s Whisper blend is PERFECT for connecting with Isis’ energy. If you don’t have this blend on hand (I highly recommend you pick it up if you can!), you can substitute with Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandlewood and/or Jasmine.

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH