Talk about your milky mommies! Hathor is the one you want to call on during your lactation journey(s).

Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess of love, fertility and joy. Prior to the wide-spread worship of the Goddess Isis, Hathor was considered the Mother of the Pharaohs and was depicted nursing them.

She was also originally depicted as the mother of Horus, but that later transitioned to Isis with Hathor as his wet nurse. Her symbol is the cow and she is pictured with two bovine horns with a disc between them.

To connect to this milky Goddess’ energy during your lactation journey, work with Turquoise, Malachite or Moonstone.

Essential Oils that connect with Hathor’s lactation energies are Sweet Fennel and Lavender (to help with relaxation and promote “letdown”). You can also ask Hathor to bless any of my lactation snacks before consuming!

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH