Demeter is a Fertility Goddess in the Greek pantheon and mother to Persephone (Queen of the Underworld).

She and her daughter have one of the most well-known stories in Greek mythology: Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the Underworld where he planned to make her his bride.

Demeter, feeling her daughter leave the Earth, immediately cried out and began searching for Persephone. As she wandered, the Earth began to turn cold and barren – matching Demeter’s sadness and despair.

Meanwhile, Persephone (having been tricked to eat pomegranate seeds) was stuck in the Underworld – for if anyone was to eat food from that place they would be doomed to stay. Being a Goddess, she was able to strike a deal with Hades: she would stay with him in the Underworld for 6 months of the year and with her mother on the surface for the other 6 months.

Upon Persephone’s return to Demeter, the Earth began to bloom again – thus seasons where born.

While most work with Demeter for fertility and guidance on how to find their inner seasons, this amazing Goddess can also help us when we have trouble connecting with our children – particularly our daughters.

To connect to Demeter’s energies when spending time with your kiddos (or when you have a tough time understanding your kids ;)), carry Unakite. This gorgeous green and pink stone connects deeply with the Heart Chakra and promotes fertility of all types – which makes it great for fostering relationships.

You can diffuse any EO with a flowery scent (such as Ylang Ylang, Jasmine or Rose), but I find that the best way to connect with Demeter scent-wise is with live, wild flowers. Take the time to pick some flowers or plant some seeds with your little ones. When I’m in a pinch, I get flowers from the grocery store – my daughter loves them!