For most of you familiar with Wicca, you’ve heard of “Year and a Day” training. After dedication to your Pagan or Wiccan path, most folks will go through either solitary self-study or structured study with their Coven, for a period of no less than a year and one day. This 366 days of training is wonderful for really diving into subjects (the most common format is cycling through a new topic or activity per month) and through this a person can really absorb the material and find out if that path is for them. The thought is that if you can commit to a full year and one day for study, then you’re ready and have enough knowledge & skill to be fully initiated into that path.

I’ve done several versons of my own “year and a day” for my solitary path, since self-dedicating to Wicca at the age of 15. Since I’m now 31, my solitary practice is pretty solid, but this year I had an idea. For 2017, I want to focus on the Tarot and do a full “year and a day” study of this wonderful divination tool! The idea came to me as I was cycling through Ethony’s #31 Days of Tarot challenge in January.

After creating a new Tarot Journal for this journey, I’ve outlined my full 2017 year, shown below.

My 2017 “Year and a Day” Tarot Journal, shown with Light Grey Art Lab’s Cosmos Tarot Deck


2017 Year And A Day Tarot Study

  • January – Complete Ethony’s #31 Days of Tarot Challenge
  • February – Daily draws/pulls with a new deck (I chose the Linestrider Tarot) & complete “deck interviews” for all of my Tarot decks (I’m excluding Oracles here because that’s a lot of decks for me!) For the interviews, I’m using Ethony’s spread, found HERE.
  • March – In-Depth Study: Cups Suit (here I will go through each of the cards in the suit and take 1-2 days meditating on the card and its meanings/symbology)
  • April – In-Depth Study: Wands Suit
  • May – In-Depth Study: Swords Suit
  • June – In-Depth Study: Pentacles Suit
  • July – Walkthrough of the Fool’s Journey (the Major Arcana cards) and compare to Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”. This is really going to be a month to study archetypes. 🙂
  • August – Create & work with 2 new spreads per week (8 minimum); spreads must contain at least 3 cards/positions.
  • September – Tarot Maintenance Month! Each week will have it’s own separate blog post, rather than a monthly re-cap.
    • Week 1 – Go through each Tarot deck and purge any that should move on to new homes.
    • Week 2 – Revamp my storage for all remaining decks (obtain bags for the ones that don’t have boxes, ensure old, torn boxes are replaced, etc.)
    • Week 3 – Focus on trying new cleansing & clearing techniques (i.e., crystals, Reiki, smudging, EO diffusing/smudging – include New Moon bath on 10/19/17)
    • Week 4 – Categorize all remaining decks into groups for personal use versus client use and notate why.
  • October – Create & post my own daily Tarot Challenge on Instagram! Theme & Name TBD.
  • November – Using Tarot for manifestation & spell work. This month will focus on exploring other uses for Tarot than just divination. 😉
  • December – Non-traditional Tarot! Each week I’ll go through a different “Tarot” deck that follows its own system versus the traditional Rider-Waite system and blog about its differences. So, this month will have a weekly post like September:
    • Week 1 – Cosmos Tarot
    • Week 2 – Dreams of Gaia Tarot
    • Week 3 – Medicine Woman Tarot
    • Week 4 – TBD

Lastly on January 1st, 2018 – I plan on reviewing my entire journal and taking notes on my own tarot journey for 2017:

  • What did I learn?
  • Did my views on the Tarot or aspects of the Tarot change?
  • How have my reading skills developed this year?
  • What were the pros and cons of studying Tarot in this format?
  • Would I do another single-subject “year and a day” study?

In addition to the monthly activities, I plan on continuing to post deck interviews for newly acquired decks, post about the decks I’ve been loving each season, and upload unboxing videos to YouTube.


Phew! This is going to be a FULL year for me! I’m also completing other trainings (Holistic Tarot, Reiki Master & Doula) in addition to the above and will be returning to my regular 9-5 job in April. I’m not sure how to get all of this accomplished, but I won’t know until I try! 😉 “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” as the saying goes!

How have your Tarot studies gone, lovelies? Have you done an in-depth study of this size, or taken any certification courses? Would love to know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Brightest Blessings, Lovelies! -Cory Gunn, CCH