Welcome to day #2 of our journey through the Chakras, specifically during pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing. Today, we are covering the second Chakra: the Sacral.

Day 2: Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra governs creativity, joy, pleasure of all types and basic emotional needs. Pregnancy can make me feel rundown at times – fatigued and drained. In the first trimester, I can get so worn out that I don’t want to do any of the things that I LIKE to do.

Drinking lots of water, making sure I’m taking my prenatal vitamins and taking short naps when I can help with balancing the Sacral Chakra (and ALL Chakras for that matter!).

This little weekly pill box has been amazing for holding all my vitamins! I keep it on my bedside table and take my vitamin D supplements when I wake and the large prenatal before bed. ❤

In addition, doing something creative can help balance this energy center; such as drawing, painting, coloring, crafting or knitting. Any creative activity (even for 5 minutes) can help balance us emotionally. ❤


Crystals for balancing the Sacral Chakra:

  • Orange or Honey Calcite – These yummy, gemmy stones bring about a lot of joy and are great energy cleansers. Plus, Calcite has a very gentle vibration, making it perfect for mommas who may be sensitive to high-intensity stones.
  • Peach Moonstone – Peach Moonstone balances out the Sacral Chakra by evening out emotions and getting us in tune with our monthly cycles (in the case of pregnancy, it can help attune us to the emotional ebb and flow of pregnancy journey).

Essential Oils for balancing the Sacral Chakra:

  • Grapefruit or Wild Orange – citrusy scents help boost energy levels and get us smiling again. When I’m feeling worn-down, I diffuse a few drops of one of these oils. If you prefer, Lemon, Lime or Bergamot can be substituted.

*Please stick with aromatic use or be sure to dilute appropriately for topical use! Pregnant mommas are super-sensitive to EO’s. 🙂



The Sacral Chakra also governs sexuality. During each of my pregnancies there are times when I feel horrible about my body and don’t want my husband anywhere near me – which ends up blocking my Sacral Chakra!

I know sexuality (and sex in general) is a touchy subject for a lot of women, but just because I’m a mother doesn’t mean that I stop being a woman. I try to remember that my sexuality is as an important part of me as any other aspect of myself (such as my creativity, intellect or humor). And it’s also an important aspect of my relationship!

To help keep the passion lit during this sensitive time, I diffuse Rosewood and Grapefruit (Cinnamon is a good choice postpartum but should be avoided during pregnancy). In addition, Garnet is a great stone for bringing sexual balance to the Sacral Chakra. I have a large tumbled Garnet that sits right on my bedside table. ❤


Tomorrow we’ll cover the Solar Plexus Chakra! ❤ Remember to take care of yourselves, lovelies!

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the health topics presented here have been evaluated or approved by the FDA and should NOT be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your licensed physician regarding medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Use your best judgment, lovelies! ❤