There are so many amazing Tarot & Oracle decks out there that sometimes, it’s hard to choose which ones to get! I already have a wonderful collection of decks (Gods know, NO ONE needs this many decks!); however, I love collecting and working with them. Using divination decks is a staple in my holistic healing practice and a part of my business.

Plus, I also love sharing these decks with you so that you can get an idea of what’s out there (if you happen to be in the market for a new divination deck!) ūüėČ

Disclaimer: I will by no means get ALL of these decks this year! Again, this is just a wish list of decks that I would like to have, but honestly, a person really needs only one. ‚̧

Here’s my current TAROT wish list for 2017 (decks in GREEN are Indie/Self-published decks):

  • Shadowscapes – by Stephanie Law
    • Okay, so I already have this deck (as you’ve seen from previous posts), but it’s been beat to hell! I really need to retire the deck I picked up in early 2010 and get a new one (I mean, really, it’s been 7 years!)
  • So Below – by Barbara Moore
  • Starchild (3rd edition, tarot size) – by Danielle Noel
    • I have the 2nd edition (Akashic) of this deck, but the cards are HUGE! I would like to retire that copy as a collectable and just use this smaller copy. ūüôā
  • Dame Darcy – by Dame Darcy
  • Tarot of the Nymphs – by¬†Mario de Luca
  • Victorian Fairy – by¬†Lunaea Weatherstone¬†and¬†Gary A. Lippincott
  • Bonefire – by Gabi Angus-West
    • This was originally a self-published, indie deck, but is now being mass-published by Schiffer Publishing. You can now pick up the deck on Amazon!
  • Disciples – by Kathryn Thyme
  • Parenting 101 (with Hedgehogs!) – by Maria van Bruggen
    • This is a Kickstarter deck
  • Idiosyncradeck¬†– by Jai Bott
    • This was an Etsy shop pre-order that is no longer available

My current ORACLE & LENORMAND wish list for 2017 (decks in GREEN are Indie/Self-published decks):

  • Chelsea Lenormand¬†– by Neil Lovell
  • Silsa Lenormand – by Neil Lovell
  • Celtic Tree Oracle – by Sharlyn Hidalgo and Jimmy Manton
  • Lightworker Oracle –¬†
  • Oracle of Mermaids –¬†by¬†Lucy Cavendish¬†and¬†Selina Fenech
  • Vikings Oracle –¬†by¬†Stacey Demarco and¬†Jimmy Manton
  • Sacred Creators Oracle – by Chris-Anne
  • Amethyst Oracle –¬†Jai Bott
    • This was an Etsy shop pre-order that is no longer available

What’s on your wish list for this year, lovelies? Would love to hear about which fabulous decks have caught your eye – please feel free to share with us in the comments below!

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH


*Deck pictured above is the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan