I received my certification in Crystal Healing in May and haven’t looked back. I’ve been working with crystals in a holistic or metaphysical capacity since childhood but being a Certified Crystal Healer and taking formal courses really solidified what I had already known and opened my eyes to what I HAD NOT known. The last few months have been an incredible journey, to say the least!

Shortly before receiving my certification I stumbled across an AMAZING group: Blossoms United. This group of bold, powerful healers really inspired me to look deeper into my wellness practice and figure out what I wanted from my business (and myself). Over the course of the last 6 months, I’ve come to realize that RileyRocks was more to me than wire-wrapped pendulums. I was a Holistic and Metaphysical Teacher and I had a drive to share my knowledge with others!  ❤

So what exactly is Blossoms United? It’s a group of Holistic Practitioners focused on expanding their business and empowering others through knowledge and training. We come from all different paths – some of us have backgrounds in holistic coaching, yoga, or magick (like myself), and some of us have existing businesses focused on crystal healing, tarot reading, Reiki, or other holistic services.

The one thing that unites all Blossoms United team members (no pun intended 🙂 ) is that we are all doTERRA Wellness Advocates.

Now let me back-track for a moment – doTERRA is an Essential Oils MLM (multi-level marketing company) and *most* of it’s Wellness Advocates are primarily focused on selling essential oils. Blossoms United IS NOT.

To be clear, the Blossoms United team (and my team, specifically: Lavender Blossoms) is focused on providing knowledge and training to those that want it. Our love of essential oils is a binding component, yes, but that’s not our main focus, lovelies. 🙂

When you join the Blossoms United (and Lavender Blossoms!) team, you have direct access to me for coaching and two fantastic 10-week Certification Courses by Blossoms United leader, Dr. Aly, PhD. When you join our team you can choose to become certified as a Crystal Healer (CCH) through the Vibrational Crystal Healing Course; or become certified as a Holistic Tarot Reader (CHTR) through the Holistic Tarot Reading Course.

These courses are FREE when you join our team as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate! Click the course links above to learn more about each course. Joining the team is easy and FUN and you have access to me and several other power-house women who will help you learn and expand your business as a Holistic Healer!


If you are interested in the courses, but aren’t interested in joining the team just yet, that’s okay too! The courses are open to the public! 🙂

The public price for the Vibrational Crystal Healing Course is $500 and the public price for the Holistic Tarot Reading Course is $280 – both are a steal when compared to other online courses available (and the courses are PACKED with content!).

However, for our EARLY BIRD special, these courses are 25% off! That means you can enroll in the Vibrational Crystal Healing course for $375 and the Holistic Tarot Reading course for $210!

CLICK HERE to head to Dr. Aly’s website for public enrollment. Classes start on 12/5!

EARLY BIRD ENROLLMENT for both courses opens on November 23rd (that’s this Wednesday!!!) and goes through 12/5. Make sure you take advantage of these great courses now! 🙂

Brightest Blessings, -Cory Gunn, CCH